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Juha Ruokolainen from StuntFreaksTeam has drift his suzuki everywhere in asphalt, ice and now in dirt roads! Dirt is flying faraway when Juha hit the six gear and give some rev limiter! Look video where Suzuki is going sideways on dirt roads!



  We borrowed bikes from KTM and had so much fun with those! Little bit they complained when we return the bikes but so what! Full throttle is what they needed anyway  

(suomi) Teippausvideo 2

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Sebastian got Metalmulisha sponsorship

Sebastian Westberg

Late 2013 Metal Mulisha contacted me and we discussed about the possible co-operation in the future. Now its official and we´ve made a deal! ”Metal Mulisha really is the top brand on FMX at the moment. I am obviously very pleased with the new support and I´m sure it will give extra boost for my riding…..

SFT is ready for season 2014

Seasons first shows has been awesome and more is to come!

Juhalle tehtiin yllätys!


Kausi 2013 meni Juhan osalta täysin pilalle loukkaantumisten takia. Juha pääsi ajamaan vasta syksyllä kunnolla. Nyt keväällä kaikki piti olla valmista kaudelle 2014! Sitten Levillä tapahtunut vahinko rikkoi taas saman polven mikä oli pilannut viimekesän.. Antti ja Janne näki ja huolestui siitä kun Juha oli niin surkeena ja päätti piristää Juhaa yllätyksellä joka pelasti kauden 2014…..

Joona won Gold in Lithuania!

Some time ago me, my brother and Daba got an invitation from the organizer for stuntbike contest in Lithuania. The Euro stuntcup consists of two events, and first of them took place in a city called Kaunas. Unfortunately my brother is serving his duty at the moment in Finnish defence forces and Daba is going to…..

(suomi) SFT – Our Lifestyle – Kiertue uutisia !

StuntFreaksTeam ft. BBW – Ice Drift

2009 loskapaskaa ei paljo oo vetoja

StuntFreaksTeam made IceDrift video in cooperation with Bike & Boat world! Back in 2009 first streetbike for ice was built for Otto & Juha. Since then we´ve been dreaming about making a video about ice drifting. Problem has usually been early winter weathers, which aren´t the best possible for filming. There´s usually too much snow or…..

StuntFreaksTeam – Our Lifestyle (Trailer) CAME OUT!!!


Stuntfreaksteam – OUR LIFESTYLE movie “Next year we’re not going to make a movie….!” … Yeah sure! Anyway we got an idea in the end of summer to make extreme movie with explosives, special effects and high speed camera footage – create something that hasn’t been done before in Finland! So we found out how much…..

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