Stunts in a cave!


We found an epic spot and now it’s called the mayhem cave. We were forced to try some circles on that clear ice!

Pendikainen jumps with flying snowmobile

  Antti Pendikainen made himself a flying snowmobile, rode it to top of a 1,5km high mountain and jumps from a cliff to 300 meter drop. 

New SFT video on GoPro Youtube channel!

  Some nice watercross action by Joni with bombs and stuff in GoPro Youtube channel

SFT Shop is updated and back online!

  SFT Shop is updated! Lots of new products and graphics. More products and graphics still to come in regular basis. Keep updated: http://shop.stuntfreaksteam.org/

Merry Xmas from SFT!

  Greetings from Korvatunturi! Don’t mind about the snow which is missing. Happy Xmas to everyone!

Off Road Streetbike Getaway

Things went to the next level and here we are with a new SFT video!. Elisa (finnish mobile operator) and SFT decided to make a video Juha capturing a flag. Juha jumps from a helicopter and steals the flag from a group of hot chicks. Situation escalates quickly to a getaway with modified streetbike through finnish…..

SFT video featured in GoPro’s main Youtube channel!

SFT is one of the first and few selected teams from nordic countries to gain a partnership with the main GoPro. Now one of the many SFT videos is featured in the GoPro main Youtube channel. In the video Pendikainen shows how the river should be crossed with a trial bike.

Snowmobile jump over the road

Joni suits up the fat suit just for sure and jumps over the road. Shot 100% with GoPro 3+!

Wheelies on the water

Joni got 170hp snowmobile and can’t stop doing wheelies. Who needs snow anyway? Full f***ing throttle! Shot 100% with GoPro 3+!

FunPark Meihemit 13.9.2014


SFT FunParkissa järjestetään ensimmäistä kertaa perinteikäs “FunPark Meihemit” FMX- ajotapahtuma lauantaina 13.9.2014 Tapahtuma alueelle mahtuu sekä isot, että pienet ihmiset. Isäntien ei siis tarvi keksiä kotona selityksiä vaan vaimon ja lapset voi ottaa pykälään! SFT:n omat pojat Juha Ruokolainen, Antti Leppänen ja Sebastian Westberg ovat varmuudella lennättämässä pyöriään, mutta kaikki FMX ja StuntRiding kuskit ovat tervetulleita…..