VOTE Sebastian to ride X-fighters!


Click here to vote: http://novilleros.redbullxfighters.com/index.php/en/share?id=221 Seb is our best Freestyle rider and his dream have always been to jump in the biggest fmx event Red Bull X-fighters. Now we have a good chance to help him getting in there! We just have to use few seconds for voting. LETS DO THIS TOGETHER!

Kevään FunPark Meihemit lähestyy!


SFT FunParkissa järjestetään jo kolmatta kertaa perinteikäs “FunPark Meihemit” FMX- ajotapahtuma 7.5.2016. Suuren suosion takia pidämme tänä vuonna myös kevät kekkerit! Tapahtuma myös striimataan youtubeen! Tapahtuma alueelle mahtuu sekä isot, että pienet ihmiset. Isäntien ei siis tarvi keksiä kotona selityksiä vaan vaimon ja lapset voi ottaa pykälään! SFT:n omat pojat Juha Ruokolainen – SFT, Antti Leppänen…..

MP show mayhem and Uber Tape contest!

  SFT hits MP messut 2016 with the biggest show ever seen! Including drifting and FMX. The coolest Uber Tape wrapping gets to our booth and you will also win free tickets to MP messut and product prize! Enter the contest by tagging you Uber Tape wrappings with #ubertape in Instagram or send the picture to…..

SFT FunPark Mayhem 2015!

It’s time to our traditional SFT FunPark Mayhem event! Lots of action packed in one day. FMX, stunt, minicross, supermoto etc. Food, drinks, beer and good vibes! All you ever need. And also ADI L HASLA is on the stage in the evening. Check out the Facebook event, click HERE

Stop the press! SFT Blog is here!


  Hello to ya’ll We thought it would be time to get you all a little better view what happens in StuntFreaksTeam. For this reason, we opened the SFT Blog. Our plan is to post stuff about our projects, training sessions, road trips and lifestyle what we are living. We are also going to post lots…..

Stunts in a cave!


We found an epic spot and now it’s called the mayhem cave. We were forced to try some circles on that clear ice!

Pendikainen jumps with flying snowmobile

  Antti Pendikainen made himself a flying snowmobile, rode it to top of a 1,5km high mountain and jumps from a cliff to 300 meter drop. 

New SFT video on GoPro Youtube channel!

  Some nice watercross action by Joni with bombs and stuff in GoPro Youtube channel

SFT Shop is updated and back online!

  SFT Shop is updated! Lots of new products and graphics. More products and graphics still to come in regular basis. Keep updated: http://shop.stuntfreaksteam.org/

Merry Xmas from SFT!

  Greetings from Korvatunturi! Don’t mind about the snow which is missing. Happy Xmas to everyone!

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